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  1. Could Resilio Sync .. especially Windows and Mac get a 'Snooze' option in addition to the current Pause option? Snooze = pause for a period of time before automatically resuming sync again. Many times I've set Sync to 'pause' .... usually because of limited bandwidth in cafes etc when travelling. But forget to unpause later and sync gets badly behind. Snooze would stop that happening ... Sync can automatically resume when the user knows it'll be OK (for example when you'll be back at home or office). Ideally there'd be preset/quick snooze options for say 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 8 hours plus a custom dialog to set a specific number of hours or a specific time to resume. A little pop-up message when Sync resumes, just to let the user know. It's a sign of how happy I am with Resilio Sync that Snooze is the only extra feature I can think of. Thanks, Peter D/