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  1. 16 minutes ago, Orcun said:

    Is the raspberry version also 2.6.3? 


    1 minute ago, Orcun said:

    That's probably where the problem is. 

    Type the following

    sudo dpkg -i resilio-sync_2.6.3-1_armhf.deb

    This will override the previous installation. Then check from the web interface that Raspberry Pi is also running 2.6.3

    When I update to this version on the Pi, what will it do to the files in the archive?


  2. Something is still wrong.  I am running version 2.6.3 1340 and this problem still exists.  I am syncing my user/data drive "D" on Windows 10 to my raspberry pi backup server with updated raspbian.  My entire "D" drive has ALL of the files listed as 0 byte files.  When I open up the archive I can see all my files there.

    I am running in read-write mode.

    This is my very first time in running resilio and this FREAKED me out.  What do I do?