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  1. I initially tried to transfer files from a tablet to a desktop computer using USB cable but as that was partially failing continually I realised that I could try transferring them via Resilio Sync. This appeared to be working well; however, It seems that because some of the files and folders had successfully transferred via USB cable, after syncing the two folders between my tablet and PC in read & write mode, Resilio Sync has assumed that the unstransferred/missing files on my PC should be deleted from my tablet where the original files existed. I have searched both my tablet and my PC for these deleted files but they do not exist in any Archive folders as I am led to believe they should if Sync deleted files. Yes, I have the option to put deleted files into the archive switched on. The files show in Sync on my tablet as unsynced (i.e. not on my tablet) but as they do not exist on my PC I cannot download/sync them from my PC onto the tablet. In Sync on my PC I am also informed that "Sync encountered some issues while synchronizing your files" and "These files cannot be downloaded because there are no source peers online for too long a time". The list of problem files are indeed most of the files that have been deleted by Sync (although many are not shown in the list). I now do not have any copies of these missing files which were valuable to me. My whole purpose for using Sync is to protect and backup valuable files. Is there any chance that Sync has placed these deleted files somewhere I have not been able to find. I have searched both my tablet and PC for ".sync" and "Archive" folders and sadly it appears that the files have been permanently deleted with no backup. Surely Sync should be built to NEVER take any destructive actions without obtaining user confirmation or backing up. Is anyone in Resilio aware of this problem with Sync deleting files and not archiving them as the documentation states it should? Thanks.
  2. This fixed the same problem for me which has been ongoing for a few months since I (correctly, I believe) set Sync to start up as the current user. It appears, however, that after reboot Sync was reverting to running as the rslsync user . It is not stated in the installation instructions for Linux that this particular step: is necessary to stop resilio-sync starting as the rslsync user again after reboot (which is what I assume is happening - I'm not a Linux expert). It would be great to have up-to-date instructions for Linux installing that include this important missing detail. Many thanks.