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  1. Is this issue going to be fixed? I'm running Freenas and Resilio on 2 machines and I would like to upgrade from 2.6.1. Looks like this issue has been around for a while. Was it fixed in 2.6.4 and if so, how can we install that to Freenas?
  2. Hey @AndréB I'm not sure. But I can tell you that I paid for the software and cannot get any support. They are completely unresponsive. So before you spend money buying the software I recommend you investigate further. Sounds like other customers on this forum are unable to get support on the forum too. So just be careful before you pay for anything.
  3. ya - i just wasted a few grand on this software.... No support. At all. Either on the forum or through official means. Time to find a new solution.
  4. Does Resilio still support this product? I've submitted 2 different support tickets (as a paying customer) and no one responds.
  5. After one day the license applied itself (without any intervention from me). So I was able to apply the Sync Business License to the Sync Home installation. On a side note, I've been unable to get support from Resilio. Over the last few weeks I've submitted 2 support tickets that went unanswered. I tried to post here thinking someone from support monitors this forum. Strange that support does not respond to support tickets...
  6. I setup a a stand alone Ubuntu machine on AWS. I accidentally installed Resilio Sync Home on the machine. The data is synced and I want to license the machine. I have a Sync Business license. I tried to apply it. In the Sync Server it shows as having applied the license. However, at the endpoint (with Sync Home) it's not accepting the license. Is this not allowed? Can I upgrade Sync Home to Sync Business on the ubuntu machine?