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  1. Let's be honest, Resilio can be a resource hog even when running natively. The fact that it runs so well already on Apple silicon is really great! But imagine how much better it could run if they re-compiled for ARM? I currently have 19 processes running with Intel emulation called "Resilio Sync Finder Extension" which combined use a fair amount of resources. Can this situation not be improved? Resilio isn't even running in my case. For now I open and close it as needed. Side note/rant: I honestly don't understand what constructive use so many people here are bringing to the table by arguing against any new feature or improvements. No excuses. This is paid software. Every other paid software I pay for and use regularly receives at least minimal updates. Wordpress themes I bought 8 years ago are still getting updates. It's cool if you want to just sit there and collect license fees with minimal effort, but the market is open for anyone else to come in and add the few features left that make Resilio unique and give it an advantage over competitors.
  2. The best version of Resilio Sync would be a version that has native M1 support, no doubt about it! Hoping to see this come soon. MANY indie devs have already added support.
  3. How's it going? Can you provide any more info? Thanks for the best sync app! With background sync it will be unstoppable.
  4. This is a major pain point for me as well. Hoping we see some movement on this soon. Any news from staff?
  5. Also looking for selective sync to work in Linux. Is this coming? Is it supposed to work already?