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  1. Ok sorry for the next stupid question. I am not totaly sure how to disconnect the folder. Is "remove" the right button in the web interface?
  2. I have a little error going on in one of my clients using sync. Just for try out I would like to delete all files in the problematic one and resync them from the other two devices. How would I do that the best way? Just pausing sync and deleting everything? disconnecting the one client from sync, deleting everything and reconnecting it again? Would be great if anyone could help me out.
  3. I am syncing a folder between 3 devices PC, Mac and a Synology NAS. But from last week on both PC and Mac seem to constantly try to sync to the diskstation but never finish. Even when I am not in the home network my Macbook constantly tries to sync the folder. Any guess how to fix that? Can I just remove the folder on the NAS, delete the local files and establish a new link? Or will this also remove the files on the other 2 devices? EDIT: When I stop the NAS service the 2 other devices sync fine btw. EDIT2: The synced folder is 27Gb big and hasn't been changed t