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  1. As I know, there is no integration between any file manager in linux to allow a true selective sync. So, if you configured you folder to use selective sync in linux, you have to enable any subfolder/file manually in the web application. Until this I think is ok, but the big problem is that if you delete any file or folder, it behaves like if you have removed "only from this device", then you have to delete manually in web app ("remove from all devices"), for EACH FILE/FOLDER. It makes selective syn in Linux useless. Anyone know how to change the default behavior when delete a file in sele
  2. I had the same problem in Qnap TS-231. I look in system resources and could find the problem, my resilio process were stopped because the system was with low RAM. My solution was, schedule the process of resilio to not run with same other process that takes too much RAM. In other words, I schedule resilio to work in the night and Syncthing (the biggest ram eater process) during the day.