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  1. You guys must be kidding! I found this a few days ago, started to play with it, found it great - and now you're saying it's dead? What a bummer!
  2. Oh, by the way, the "Help Center" link they provided leads to nowhere: resolves to which seems to be a blank page.
  3. Hi all I wrote a mail to the support squad this morning, all I got was this sentence: Since I am still in an evaluation phase, this kind of puzzled me. Was that really it, support wise? Anyway, here I am now, looking for answers to my question. Allow me to quote it: The most recent post to this topic is this one, which, ironically, says I hope this is not going to be an endless loop, really. Any helping hand very welcome. I have like 10 days left in my evaluation phase. That support thing was killing my buzz a bit ... Cheers André