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  1. There is never a case where I create files of the same name/location. If I were doing that I'd have the files in folders by date.
  2. How do I block files from deletion on 1 side of the sync?Example:PC1 is Production & syncs its files to PC2 which is BackupPC1 is syncing to the backup server PC2 normally-I want to make sure PC2 files remain even if their counterparts are deleted on PC1-I'm aware of the Archive setting but I just want to disable it altogether to prevent accidental loss of backup. Thanks
  3. Apparently.. If you share read only it'll do everything you want with the exception of it will delete files unless you remove the share before you delete files I'm new to Sync though
  4. Seems like a simple fix to implement - have a "ignore deletes" check box.