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  1. Just in case it helps anyone Creating a new user account didn't make a difference. Neither did confirming Login as service for the account under group policy.
  2. Thanks for coming back to me. Feels slightly different but I'll bow to you knowledge on that one. I can confirm it's just happening on that machine, rather than other similar windows builds I'll keep on playing and see if I can work it out, until I get bored and just reinstall windows
  3. Hi Trying to resinstall latest version on win10.1909 after resilio lost all syncs. To uninstall I've: Done a normal windows remove programs Deleted %appdata%/Resilio* Manually deleted the service with sc.exe delete rslsyncsvc through powershell with elevated rights Run ccleaner which picked up some resgistry keys but maybe I'm missing some? When Trying to install resilio I choose the 'add as system service' option and, at the point I'd expect it to add in username and password I just get a "Failed to install Resilion Sync Service" dialogue box. Though the
  4. Android: Name a sync to something other than the folder name e.g. to differentiate between DCIM folders on both internal phone storage and sdcard. Im probably an idiot but only just realised that the 'rename' section on the android app actually moves the folder that's being synced.