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  1. @Andyjbm yes, any network which blocks resilio's data will cause this problem. I can reproduce this at will by simply connecting to my office's network (which I am away from for the past 4 weeks too). I presume also, losses in network connectivity at the "wrong time". See my post from 2/11:
  2. Not recently, but I installed the app on a new phone a couple months ago and it has this issue.
  3. FWIW, none of my phone are syncing via linked identities, I have always used codes to share folders. I still have this issue, so it's unrelated to identities, IMO.
  4. Interesting, wasn't aware of Syncthing. I'll probably try it out if this doesn't pan out:
  5. So I realized I can reproduce this on demand, as I was trying to get something to sync this morning. My work's wifi blocks resilio sync's data. If I connect to it, syncing obviously stops working; but when I disconnect it never starts working again. I have to force stop the app and restart it to get it to find peers and sync data again.
  6. I did not, but I'm not able/willing to remove my SD card for that. I'd have to wait a day or two and I have stuff on there I use.
  7. Unfortunately @Andyjbm, I had thought of that already and moved my data to my phone's internal memory months ago. It has not helped..
  8. I've also been experiencing this problem for a long time. It works for a bit, but I have to force stop the app to get it sync again. Hitting exit in the app just sits on shutting down.
  9. That's great news, thank you Alex!
  10. Thanks, but that doesn't really help the situation: 1. This was killing my PC's performance, unbeknownst to me. I had to spend hours of research to figure out what was wrong. This option should NOT be enabled by default. 2. This should be a more prominent setting. A registry change should not be required. I'll be setting that key though, thanks.
  11. Resilio Sync writes to ShellExtIO.log for every single file you view in File Explorer. C:\Users\<username>\Appdata\Roaming\Resilio Sync\ShellExtIO.log Unbeknownst to me, this was wreaking havoc on my machine, triggering virus scanning and slowing everything down. I finally, after quite a bit of troubleshooting using ProcMon, figured out that it was these writes to ShellExtIO.log that were killing my PC performance. This issue seems to be exacerbated on folders which are git repositories due to some bad interaction between Resilio Sync and Tortoise Git. Even without navigating to the subfolders, they would get logged in ShellExtIO.log. To resolve this, I denied all write permissions to ShellExtIO.log, but this is crazy! I shouldn't have to do this. This took me forever to figure out and cost me a ton of time. This has been reported so many times, this needs to be fixed: