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  1. For future reference, this does not answer the question, this is a suggested workaround. So funny story... I just RE-searched this issue, (now eight months later) and found this answer. I was about to reply with the same issue when I realized it was already MY reply! 🙃 So the real answer is there is currently NO way to accomplish this. I was hoping the correct answer would have something to do with setting up my local machine as the "Master" source. Where can I request this feature? Thanks!
  2. Did this ever get figured out? I have the same issue, and can't stand having to constantly remember to go back and search and delete all *.rsls files every time I make significant changes to my local copy. As the original user asked, "How do i stop this from happening?" Thank you.
  3. I have the same exact problem in Windows. No Resilio options in my context menu. Windows 10 Sync Client 2.6.3