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  1. Glad that others are hoping for an M1 build, as I am.
  2. All good points and questions @odelrio. I agree with the general sentiment: support for Resilio Sync but questions about where it's headed.
  3. Resilio Sync software is very useful, but it is buggy in a worrisome way -- at least on my Mac running Catalina. When I click on an rsls placeholder file to download the file from another computer, the placeholder soon disappears and I am left uncertain when the file will complete downloading. The Sync icon in my menu bar shows no download progress either, just a slowly rotating animation indicating that the download (or another upload or download? I can't tell) is happening. So, yes, the software does seem to have bugs and I am concerned by the pace of updating at Resilio. Not concerned enough to switch to something else (which I hope I won't have to do), but concerned nevertheless.
  4. I sent a support ticket this week and I received a reply within a day. This is a relief. Looks like Resilio Sync is alive and kicking.