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  1. Hi Frank, Thank you for your response. I'm well aware that i have a slow NAS and that smaller files will result in slower transfer speeds. I have monitored the CPU usage during sync and can see that the CPU is maxed out. This isn't a surprise to me. However i would still like to maximize the performance of my gear, hence the question regarding the sync settings folder. Moba
  2. Hi, I'm new to Resilio, but I have managed to setup sync between my desktop and my Readynas RN102. Though I find that my sync speed isn't as fast as i should. They are connected via gigabit ethernet through a gigabit switch. When testing with NAStester i get transfer speeds of 60-70 MB/s but running Resilio Sync only get 7-8 MB/s in average, with peaks of 15 MB/s. I have tried the recommended settings for improving transfer speed, and all but one step in the guide setting up forced LAN sync - i cannot access the config folder as specified here: Therefore i am not able to copy the sync.conf file to the correct directory of my NAS. I have tried to access via pathfinder and frontview. I can see the folder in pathfinder but not via frontview. Any help would be appreciated. Moba