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  1. Hey! I wanted to ask if this bug is fixed on the current relases? Any Idea? tXH!
  2. WOW thanks for the fast reply!!!! I will test it – but sounds very easy! Great forum! THX!
  3. Hey! Nice to be here and a warm HELLO to everyone in the forum! My goal is to sync my work-data-HD between my two Macs – one in the office – the other one at home. Both are Mac Minis and run macOS Mojave. Here is my question: is ist possible to start with a clone of the drive to avoid syncing the whole 3 TB traffic over the internet? Then bring the cloned Drive to the second mac and from this time resilio syncs ecery change. Is this possible? Or do i have to do the first initial sync always over the internet? Any idea how i should start? THX ALL OF YOU! Ha