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  1. I am having a problem syncing large files to my NAS. This only appears to be a problem when trying to sync a file that is about >4gb. The file will sync up to a certain extent and then just stop. Internal logs show: Sep 25, 2019 1:24 PM | Info | HONEYBADGER | switch | Failed to download Library [filenamehere] - WriteToDisk Permissions on the NAS are correct, I have tried uninstalling on the NAS making sure all .sync files were deleted and reinstalled, and deleting the .!sync files and restarting. The last one will get to the same point and then stop again. Google has else been not helpful. The NAS is a Synology BC214se. There is plenty of space for the file to be transferred on to the NAS. I do not however know how to pull any logs from the NAS. I attempted to contact support a week ago with no response. I expected a day or two but not a week. I also tried creating a forum account at the same time and that has yet to be approved as well. So here I am attempting as a guest.