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  1. Regarding USB Drive Works! Removing the stick makes Resilio tell you that system files are missing and the folder can't be synced. Files were not deleted! (what is what I hoped for) Regarding Archive Thanks for the detailed explanation, that definitely helps. The versioning is a great feature, it was worth going pro
  2. Thanks kindly for the information. Regarding the USB drive, I simply fear trying it Regarding the accitental delete and the archive, where can I find that folder or where is it located? That sonds exactly like the tool I need.
  3. Dear Members, I am running ResilioSync as a pro user and I have a question that certainly gives me headache because I do not know how the sync algorythm handles these situations. Removable Drive Imagine having 2 folders running in sync at two different places. One computer has the folder located on an internal HD, another computer has it located on a USB Stick. Now, if I remove the USB stick on the second machine, does ResilioSync delete the folders on the internal machine on the first computer? Deleting accidentally Imagine having 2 or more folders in sync. Now if someone accidentally deletes one of the folders on one machine, I expect the folder being deletet on any other machine as well. Worst case: All data is lost. Is there a way to prevent something like this to happen? Best regards, Dan