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  1. Good news and thanks a lot for being so reactive and efficient 👍
  2. OK great this is what I started to do and now syncing like a charm
  3. Thanks again But this time I have no sync.conf file just sync.dat and sync.log and
  4. Hi, I'm running resilio sync family on my NAS for the server side (QNAP) and on my 2 Macs for the clients side (both of them are running Catalina 10.15 and Resilio Sync 2.6.3). I'm experiencing only on my macbook the error message "Not enough free space on the drive ... " but I still have 40 GB free on my disk. Now the sync is blocked. I've tried to quit and restart Resilio sync, sometimes I got 2/3 additional files synced but that's it impossible to go further. Any solution ? Thanks a lot for your help