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  1. I don't get it...is nobody interested in this feature? I think it is THE most important feature. Without a checksum control the complete resilio sync system is useless. One file is broken and it is getting synced accross all connected devices. Ok you could use Version Control for it, theoretically...But then you have to disable the delete time. And this ends in various versions. Then you have to manually delete older versions. But before that you have to check if one file was broken, because if you delete an older version and you find out after some time, damnit this file is broken and I dont have an older version file not good....do that for a thousand files. Forget it. I want a sync system that I can trust 100%, and that is not producing useless files. If I remember it correctly the official answer was something like yeah the Filesystem must implement checksumcontrol. Problem is there are no FS for Windows that have checksum control implemented. The One MS has developed so far I forgot the name can not be used in WIndows 10. And for Android its the same there is no FS with checksumcontrol. ZFS and BTRFS are the only FS that I know of, that have this feature. And they are just for Linx. Could some one of the official devs of resilio sync explain me, why they haven't implemented this feature so far? Thanks a lot. I hope someone is answering.