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  1. Sounds like the exact problem I am having. Hope for you it doesn't come back quickly cause no solution has been provided yet.
  2. Hi Everybody! We use Resilio Syn at our company almost since the start of Syn (when it was still called Bittorrent Sync). I have about 15 shared folders that I share with different people within the organisation depending on which project they work on. This all works fine in general but since some time me and others get the error "Disconnected by owner" very often. This even happens to me although I'm (one of the) owners of the folders. I've looked on the fora and found this conversation: However the reported fix (restarting CNG Key Isolation service) didn't work. I've asked Resilio Sync Support for help but all they came up with was to reshare all the folders to everybody. Since we have about 25 computers and 15 shared folders this would be a lot of work without any guarantee it would work, especially since Resilio could not tell me where the problem originated from. Do any of you have the same experiences or maybe suggestions how to fix the problem? Kind regards, Maurice