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  1. It’s been so long. Still not working.
  2. Sorry, I’ve seen your question only now. Is this still relevant?
  3. If someone is interested, I found a solution to the above problem. On the source machine I created a new folder and transfered all files and folders to it. The green tick told me about the end of the synchronization on the second (destination) machine. So I get on the destination machine the new folder with useful files and other folders and files that I don’t need. My next step was to remove them. After that I disconnected the second machine from the synchronization by removing the shared folder from the Resilio Sync. Than I removed the hidden sync folder from the second machine and man
  4. Thank you Mark! If you know some article where I can see the details how to do it would be great.
  5. Hello, everybody! I continue to test this amazing service and found such issue. How I understand this xattr attributes are syncing by default: • • • • So I’ve tried to sync a tagged file and everything went well. But when I’ve added a comment — nothing happened. All my settings are set by default. I didn’t edit any service file within folders. What I do wrong?
  6. Hello Alex! Did you understand the problem right? It’s not a problem to sync files with the same hash. The problem is to remove files that were in the destination folder before sync.
  7. Frank, thank you for the answer! It’s not a one time thing. I deal with that all the time and folders are very big (1,5 Tb). I often change computers (it has its own specifics) and I don’t want to rewrite large volumes or wait when it will be sync. So I use pre-populated folders. I thought about something like FreeFileSync. It’s interesting could it work not only in the same network but over internet too?
  8. Hello! Can anybody explain me, If I want to sync non-empty pre-populated folder with source folder how can I achieve identity? As I understand right, the files placed in the destination folder before sync will leave there. How can I do a synchronization like in DropBox service — files in source and destination folders will be the same, nothing extra? Or, if asked differently how to automatically remove unnecessary old files from destination folder? Sorry for my English, Konstantin