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  1. Ok, I'll reinstall in local mode. Thank you !
  2. Thanks you for the link. In the folder C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Resilio Sync\, I just have the file : ShellExtensionPath64_53C.dll It's normal? I'll re-add the folders. Have you an idea for the origins of the problem? Should i better use service or local?
  3. In service mode (if it's the question?)
  4. Hello (sorry if I do some mistakes, I don't talk english very well!) I use resilio sync since few years, as a service. I used to connect to my space with firefox (or Chrome) at the IP I don't know how long the problem exist but I can't connect anymore. I have the message "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I try to disactive my firewall, reinstall the service, it change nothing. If i install the app, it seems working but i don't have my folder anymore. Can you help me ? Thanks a lot