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  1. Unfortunately due to very large file sizes archiving was disabled on both ends. We recovered some data using ssd recovery tools but some got missing forever. I did not realise that Pause is there to save Bandwidth.. and I agree with most users that this function is misleading and is a great UX flaw. This logic means that to stop syncing 1 of 10 folders I either have to shut down the entire sync or remove the folder from the list... Hope this topic will get enough attention at dev's end.. edit: why is the status set as solved? There are no promised updates on this issues. The problem is NOT solved
  2. Hi. I just had a drastic accident while deleting large files from synced folder which was set on PAUSE one my end, however all files got deleted on other end too! 100% Recovery is not possible. Just no comments.... PAUSE is not really pausing sync, just pausing upload and download! This is horrible logic.
  3. I am seriously shocked, what did you do with the fastest protocol BitTorrent so it performs slower then a regular FTP encrypted transfer.?! I did find a few topics in this forum about the slow transfer speed, but non of the tips does any difference. In two words, my continuous test with 20GB of data on a regular 100mbit Broadband shows steady results of download speed ~12mb/s - FTP vs, ~7mb/s - Resilio All settings are default, using Windows 10 LTSB, Core i5 8GB ram and regular hdd. Note: FTP connection is also encrypted with strongest TLS certificate.