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  1. Hi there, I just bought a license for Sync Home Pro 5 seats. When I was unfamiliar with the software, I made and unlink many identities, but I eventually ended up using only one identity right now to connect 6 devices together. All devices are working fine and syncing the files. I have 2 questions about licensing, though. 1. How do I count the number of seats? My understanding is 5 seats mean using 5 different identities concurrently, while each identity can connect to many, many devices. Is this correct? Would the identities I made and unlinked from all devices (and probably have forgotten their names) be counted towards number of seats? 2. For each of the 5 seats, I can use the same license file sent to me with the invoice. Is this correct? Please let me know whether my understanding above is correct. Thanks, - A hopeful new sync pro user