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  1. thanks @Alex. Actually debug logging was active, as I had some issues with some files not syncing. I deactivated it now and will see if helps. A shame the link that describes setting the intervals does not mention the debug logging. What about recheck_locked_files_interval, does it also have an influence on hibernation?
  2. Hi, I am using Resilio Sync on my DS918+ and I am quite satisfied. However, Sync prevents HDD and system hibernation. I have done the steps described here without success: Sync-prevents-HDD-from-sleeping-on-NAS When I turn off Sync, hibernation works as expected. Here are a few lines from hibernation.log [655007.030806] syslog-ng(380): dirtied inode 13424 (.SYNOCONNDB-wal) on md0 [655007.030877] syslog-ng(380): dirtied inode 20126 (.SYNOCONNDB-shm) on md0 [655007.031722] init(1): dirtied inode 13391 (pkg-LogCenter-syslog.log) on md0 [655007.031739] init(1): dirti