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  1. hello is there a solution to my problem? so I have this type of message ? thanks
  2. no, these files have not been synchronized. for information I synchronize with desktop pc win10 and an desktop linux ubuntu server thanks
  3. hello it's not the same message it's not Excessive time difference between peers": but : has an invalid modification time it is not a clock error between 2 devices but the file metadata is not good. the solution would be to change the file creation date (photo shooting date) but only I have a lot and I don't understand why resilio is blocking on this metadata thanks
  4. hello i have a problem with picture synchro tis error : has an invalid modification time some photos have a date greater than 2019 how to do ? thanks
  5. Hello is it possible to create a filter to not synchronize files with extensions, type ransonware thansks