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  1. Thanks for your response. I've read both of those posts before setting up this thread. I can solve this with some firewall rules as well, but it feels like a bug to me when I have a gigabit local peer that has all my data, but I'm waiting on a remote peer that uploads at 50KB/s to give me the last few megabytes of a file. In this case, adding more nodes to the network has made it slower.
  2. I'm using resilio sync to create some offsite backups of my data to guard against theft / etc. I have a few of these nodes: 1) Local server on LAN (all data, all folders) 2) Remote rasberry pi at a friend's house (all data, all folders) 3) VPS server (some data, some folders, encrypted) However, Node #2 has glacially slow upload speed, to the tune of ~50 KB/s. I did not expect this to be a problem, since I have all data locally. However, it seems that when syncing large files, the remote node tries to be helpful and send some blocks of the file. However, since the upload speed is so slow from that ISP, it ends up making the entire process take orders of magnitude longer than it should. Is there a way I can configure sync to prefer local peers always, and only pull from a WAN peer if a local one is unavailable? I'm aware of the ways to disable WAN altogether, but that's not my goal. Instead, I want to optimize throughput.