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  1. @muse Syncthing
  2. @Andy+ 👍🤝 P.S. That's right. I'm not criticizing. I'm asking the questions. I hope to get answers. I don't want Resilio as a product to "die". I paid for the license. 😉
  3. Alex, thank you for your attention to my posts. The rhythm of life of the product is displayed by new versions. Updating 1 time in 2 years in the modern rhythm of life is a zombie product. Maybe I'm wrong. Yes. 100% and the blue circle on my mac OS Catalina does not complete. I am not satisfied with the decision to install a custom build (it is not skipped by the mac OS security system :-)) I don't know. Maybe Resilio will impress me with something in the future so that I can spend more money on It. Yes. Almost. "100% blue circle" is not resolved on Mac OS for me. And the proposed solution does not suit me. If you don't need feedback, close the forum. Cool. I hope this will solve all existing situations and add calmness and confidence to everyone. Calm, just calm. And have a good weekend.
  4. In august 2019 I wonder who believes in the liveliness of Resilio as a product? I write because I still like this product. Let this be my complaint = gift. Maybe it will be more honest to write that there are only "2 developers" and there will be no development in the next year?! And then "the matrix reloaded". And there will be a new NewsilioSync product.
  5. @Alex. Thanks. More reliable and more responsible will be 2.6.4 with a fix of this problem. Usually. Separate application build = increased variability and errors. Maybe I'm wrong.
  6. Fantasies and aspirations are not equal to fact. The fact says otherwise. The facts are in the screenshots. It's another promise or fantasy.
  7. I see, in fact, that the product for consumers is dead. For almost a year there are no updates. The problem of "100% and blue circle" on mac OS has not been solved yet. There are some features that still hold on to Resilio. But syncthing is already almost completely satisfied for my tasks. Maybe you become honest with your users. Say, " there will be no Updates in the near future. Not wait". Very sad. It is possible that I would buy an extended version, but I see that it makes no sense to me. Something in Resilient is going wrong and wrong. Only one employee is Alex. responding to posts on the forum. It is possible that Alex is not an employee of Resilio. This is another of the signs that everything is sad in Resilio. Sadly the attitude of the users. Perhaps in relation to the enterprise are all excellent. I don't know. I'm just a consumer, not an enterprise.