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  1. Ah, your situation is different, i specified the problem occurs on windows server edition only (business license), my other computers on regular editions works alright (besides the 2.7.1 bug) Cheers
  2. Did you successfully installed on a windows server edition with the 2.7.0 ? I managed to succesfully install with the 2.6.4 installer, but ths service only start with the "local system account", if i try my credentials, the service strats but crash a few seconds later, generating an event id... I guess something with the business license prevent me to use it normally
  3. Confirmed using the 2.7.0 installer it works, thanks for the info ! Looking forward to the 2.7.2 fix, Cheers, edit : Actually i'm still facing an issue (or i am missing something) regarding the installation on a windows server edition : I used an home pro version on it till the 2.7.0 update, after that Resilio provides me a business license to let me use it. That was working alright, but as i tried to install it "as a service" everything went wrong, loosing all my previous settings, ans i was unable to start the resilio sync service ( multiple event
  4. Thanks for your feedback, but as i stated, i used to intall the service wihout troubles before using my credentials. As i can't go past the credential's step now i cannot complete the installation at all as a service ... Cheers
  5. Ah i do remenber on a computer the first installation i tried was "as a service" so i guess wipping the resulio installation won't fix my issue !
  6. Hi Andy, thanks for your quick answer ; i din't clean my previous installation, i use to just move it to service wihtout any problem before on computers. I would like to avoid to wipe out my resilio sync and loose all my settings ... As the issue is only linked to the windows credential, isn't there any way to install the service wihtout those credentials, and add them after in the service panel ? Cheers,
  7. Hi ! I use to install sync as a service on windows without any troubles, but now when i try to, it fails at the account 's step, refusing whatever account i try to add. (account name and/or password incorrect) I'm on windows 10 2004, i dont know if this could be related ? I also tried the manual installation of the service : cd "%APPDATA%\Resilio Sync" ; "Resilio Sync.exe" /svcinstall -a -u %username% %password% That fails also ... Tried different accounts, and on multiple computers, same issue. Thanks for your help ! Regards,
  8. Hi Andy, i do need a windows server edition for the sole purpose i use serval computers for CGI, and windows home/pro limit the simultaneous connexions to 20. This limitation is totally an issue for me as i have multiple connexions on multiple machines, the only way to bypass this, was to buy a way too expensive microsoft license ... If there was a solution to keep windows pro without this limitation i woud be glad to downgrade my machine to avoid the resilio new license policy ... I guess there are a lot of other situations where people are using a windows server edition withou
  9. Totally agree on this ! Please find a fair way and do not force users to move on a business license that doesn't fit their needs and is very, very expensive !
  10. Hi ! Thanks for the long awaited update, but please can you elaborate this in the changelog that worries me a lot : "Deprecated: support for WindowsServers for Sync home" Dos this mean it wont works also using the resilio sync home pro ?? I hope not, i have some windows server editions with paid Sync ... Edit : Just tested it .. i just cant beleive it it doens't work ... This is realy unbelievable, please fix this as soon as possible !
  11. Hi Alex ! Thank you very much for all those explanations, i'll try these as soon as possible I wish there was a more "user friendly" way to do such a simple task ! Cheers ! edit : it seems to do the job thanks again for the tip !
  12. Hello, i totally second this, as i cannot find a way to sync a single file using sync home ... file sharing is not an option at all, i am trying to sync my firefox session between different computers, and would like to sync a particular file each time it is edited or recreated ! Or may be there is an option in the ignorelist that allow to ignore all files and folders except the ones specified ? (kind of "include list" instead of ignore ?) Regards,