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  1. Please set disk_min_free_space parameter to 0 in Power user preferences (Preferences > Advanced > Open power user preferences). Restart Sync to apply the change.
  2. The issue that you encountered has been considered as bug that will be fixed in 2.7.2. Here is what you can do to upgrade to 2.7.1: 1. Stop Resilio Sync Service via Services; 2. Right-click on "Resilio Sync Service" in Services - in "Path to executable" you should see path to exe file: "C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service\Resilio Sync.exe". 3. Rename previously downloaded installer for 2.7.1 to Resilio Sync.exe and move it to "C:\ProgramData\Resilio Sync Service", replacing previous "Resilio Sync.exe" file; 4. Start Resilio Sync Service again.
  3. @Henry 53 Please contact Support sending .dmp files that can be found in one of the locations listed here: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/206214615-Collecting-crash-reports-mini-dumps-and-core-dumps
  4. @dankshit The file was added to directory tree. Sync doesn't remove it from there despite the fact that the file wasn't synced across other peers. So, this warning is a false-positive that can be disabled by setting enable_warning_no_source to false in Power user preferences (Preferences > Advanced):
  5. @MichelV We may assume that this is due to Sync's re-scan for any modifications and changes of files inside share(s). If any file is tracked as changed, Sync re-hashes it to detect what piece of file got changed and needs to be synced. By default, this re-scan takes place every 10 minutes. If you want us to take a closer look, submit new feedback from Sync via Preferences > Support > Contact support with checking the box "Include logs".
  6. @marbb00 Synchronization between two peers requires both of them being online, since there is one source peer. So, syncing between two systems on one PC won't work, since while Ubuntu is online, Windows peer is offline. When you connect peer with link, it will say "Pending Approval", even if you unchecked such option due to a simple fact - source peer is offline. Are you sure that Sync stayed on pending approval, when you tried to connect using a key? Generally, it says "Not synced yet". You also mention that the folder is connected with some other PC as well. Was this PC on
  7. @dtorrey Archive folder can be found inside hidden .sync directory within the share. It can also be accessed via Sync UI - go to Share's Options (vertical ellipsis) > Open archive...
  8. This is covered in our KB article, please check "Restoring Files from Encrypted Node" part: https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207370466-Encrypted-folders
  9. If you want to sync a folder between two PCs, you don't need any other devices. Of course, synchronization requires at least one source peer to be online so that destination peer got the data.
  10. @sven9191 Can you please specify Sync version on NAS (check via App Center)? Also, please attach screenshots of the pages showing the errors.
  11. @Andy+ Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any backstage details regarding the release for now. One thing is certain - the team is working hard on it. All important info should be included in change log and covered in the dedicated topic as usual, when the release comes out. Sync is not abandoned, all encountered issues are being actively addressed.
  12. @SirKronos Thanks for your suggestion! Your concern is reasonable, will look about its implementing, but no ETA can be provided. xattr fix has been included in the upcoming release.
  13. @SirKronosThere were no alert since Sync was working on syncing those ResourceFork items. Sync stuck on 99% since extended attributes (which ResourceFork is) were different on source and destination peer - whenever such difference occurs, synchronization happens again and again until the match. Andy is right here: 99% in Status was a warning sign. Really sorry for the caused troubles!
  14. @SirKronos please install the below custom build on all MacOS peers: http://internal.resilio.com/support/debug/sync/2.6.10073/Resilio-Sync.dmg It has a fix for xattr
  15. @Daniel Clarke there is no way to ignore all subfolders at once. The recommended way is to specify each subfolder in the IgnoreList. Please mind that the file is case sensitive.