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  1. I've determined that the issue was probably the Synology NAS. I have a relatively cheap Synology NAS and I don't think it was good enough to index the files appropriately. I determined this by simultaneously discovering that the Cloud Sync App I was using to sync to my google drive was also not properly syncing. It SAID it was done, but I would make changes to files several folders deep and it never updated it. My solution was to install resilio on windows 10 and it is syncing as expected.
  2. I'm trying to run resilio in a docker on UNRAID and the encrypted file names are +255 characters in length which is causing problems for XFS and BTRFS file system. Is this something that resilio can limit?
  3. So I'm trying to sync the files via a Docker on UNRAID. But now I'm running into a file name length issue Resilio is creating encrypted files with 255+ characters in their file name. I see that there is a really old post about this that I'm about to resurrect.
  4. Most likely cause: Using a cheap Synology NAS(816+) that does not have the resources to properly index all of the files required by Resilio. The Synology NAS was also not properly syncing Google Drive via its "Cloud Sync" app either. This was the clue that allowed me to figure it out. I don't know conclusively The solution: Commissioned a Windows 10 computer to replace the Synology NAS for samba share, google drive syncing and resilio, along with Plex and other things I was using the NAS for. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------