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  1. Just found out there is an option to install app without signature. hero 4.5.0/en/GUID-FF49B7EE-E26C-4C8D-B7F7-F606478CF272.html I don't know if it can solve the problem. QNAP customer service says they only guarantee 3rd party app's installation and removal. Other problem will need your help to solve. "有關您後續所再諮詢的問題,很抱歉 - 由於第三方開放源應用程式 Resilio Sync, QNAP僅能確保該軟體於QNAP NAS平台上能正常安裝及移除,關於該軟體相關詳細設定及使用上的問題,需請您自行與該軟體開發商或其論壇上尋求協助。"
  2. I have the same problem. I use the qpkg file from your web site. After upgrade to qts, sync can run again. But qts will stop sync every day, I have to manually start sync every day. This is what I find in the log: 資訊 2020-10-27 09:26:46 admin App Center App Status Change [App Center] Started ResilioSync. 錯誤 2020-10-28 07:50:02 System App Center App Installation [App Center] ResilioSync ha
  3. If you have several computers, you may have several syncing folders with same name. For example, in the attached pic, there are two "Documents" from my two computers. There is no way to distinguish them from each other without syncing first. Please add the option to sync with at different name.
  4. When remove folder in sync, the folder is deleted from all syncing computers. Can you add the option to keep the folder?