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  1. Well scratch that...shows connected but just will not copy files now.. Copied a few then just stopped. back to manual file copying.. Really wish this software worked.
  2. Well, I figured it out. When installing Sync on UNRAID the docker default installs as a Bridge network which does not work. Changed both machines to host and BOOM it worked.
  3. Two UNRAID servers on the same network (LAN). 192.168.1.*** Sync running as docker containers each on its own machine. I can get them to connect via a Relay server but the speeds are abysmal. I have 2 GBit here and need to mirror one server to the other. No matter what port I open or forward I cannot get these two to "see" each other. Both servers are working and have access to the network no problem. But, Sync without using a relay will not work. I really do not want to use a relay as it will take years to copy 25+ Terabytes. Does anyone have a working pfsense/unraid config that they can share? Or help? I looked at the and nothing there is helping.