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  1. I now realise, what has happened. And it is not Resilio fault, the folders are missing. I had a systemcrash, where I reinstalled OSX. I did not think it touched the data too, because everything else is here. I guess it must have been that. But that does not explain, why Resilio is not starting and repairing the broken system, but instead crashes.
  2. Just lost 4-500Gb high-quality scans of old-school positive film from and 80'. 1960 - 1980. 100s of hours vasted!!!!!! If it was not because I have seen it before, and don't trust Resilio completely (it is getting better) and have the data distributed to multiple hosts. But like with you other guys, it is a pain to get it all together again. And Resilio won't even start up. Says it is missing a service file, and then restarts, crashes, restart, crashes and so on. Running version 2.6.3 on a fully updated Mac (10.15.3) Annoying!