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  1. Hello Resilio Forum, I own a Synology NAS and would like to use Resilio to have my files in sync on different devices and platforms. From my own network, all the syncing works perfectly, but I would also like my files to sync when I'm outside my network. On the Synology, I setup a proxy server, so the login page for Resilio is I port forwarded the listening port to the Resilio default port (28888) on my router, and everything is working fine. I can acces the domain from within and from outside my own network when I use a browser. I therefore have full acces to the Resilio client from both inside and outside my network. The problem is, when I'm outside my network, all syncing stops, where the Resilio client tells me my devices aren't connected anymore. What causes this problem? And how will I be able to fix this issue? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Joey