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  1. Any other thoughts? I'm at a loss here. I've examined the system event logs, recreated the indicated directory. Would like to get my sync working again. How do I submit a formal bug?
  2. But, I do have it installed as a service. Assigned to an id with admin privileges. Is there any way to point it at a different directory?
  3. Well, it existed (or shall I say 'resolved' -- there are a lot of junctions involved). I updated the security on the final directory to no effect. I then removed the initial junction and replaced 'Documents and Settings' (and subdirs) with an actual directory. No change at all. Still the same dump and log. I re-installed resilio just to be sure... any other ideas?
  4. Running windows 10 1909. Uninstalled resilio sync, removed all settings, rebooted and reinstalled. Now rslsyncsvc won't start. I'm attaching the dump taken and log from the service. Can't find anything obvious. Help!? Dump and