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  1. I keep getting Not enough permissions errors on the folders on my Mac that I'm trying to back up. On the Resilio client, it said my last sync was a week ago. Several folders haven't been copied to the NAS. I rebooted my Mac and the NAS, but it didn't help. On the Mac, I did a disconnect, then reconnect and indexing began. A while later, the same folders are listed (in the Mac client) with the Not enough permissions error. I checked the folder permissions on the Mac, and I have R/W permissions. I checked the Shared Folder on the NAS, and my user has R/W group permissions. Any suggestions how can I resolve this? macOS 10.15.3, ResilioSync 2.6.4 (1344) | Synology 918+, DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 5, ResilioSync 2.6.3