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  1. Thank you @jdrch that was a very fine explainer! That comment against seafile was unecessary though. It is a completely different thing and works very well. And having the possibility for a webdav access to your folders if you want to sync with apps on tablets, phones, etc. is a killer feature. Which I am missing here.
  2. Thank you @jdrch that was a very fine and helpful solution. I know it is not a backup, I would do this from my little server setup. (I already was doing this with my seafile setup with which I want to replace this). Okay good point about just using full disk encryption, gotta finally look into LUKS I guess. But even then, the disk is only en-or decrypted after mounting/unmounting, right? So a running system has decrypted its disk already and the files are thus accesible. It is not encrypt-on-write, is it? (Maybe that does not even exist, sorry for my newbieness)
  3. Hello there, I started using Resilio for my personal files. In order to make my files better availbale by distributing the load and making the system more fail safe, I wanted to set up "a few" (maybe just 2 or 3) raspberry pis each with a HDD at friends and family. And since I would place very personal files at peoples homes over which I don't have much control, I wondered if there is a way of installing a linux distro (or freebsd) that would encrypt files on write (even non-encrypted resilio folders). Because of course my sensitive files are in encrypted resilio folders, but ot