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  1. Thanks Alex. In terms of saving to a NAS do I need to encrypt the folders to keep their content unshared as it seems that the resilio sync folder on the NAS can not be set up in my secured home folder and areopenly available to any anonymous connection to the drive.
  2. Hi, I have a readyNAS running Resilio with identity (nas) and have installed it as a service on my Windows machine with identity (desktop). I'm trying to get my head around the naming and sharing conventions used. I essentially want to backup all files in a selection of given folders on my desktop to the NAS so that in the event of a disk failure on the windows machine the files will be on the NAS. When I add files they should ideally be synced to the NAS either on a schedule or immediately. I want to ensure that all files are completely backed up to the NAS at all times. It's unclea