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  1. Thanks for replies. Support replied that there is no support for uploading photos when icloud is on. Only manual selection of all photos. Unfortunately this does not suit me at all
  2. Yeah now i see. if I manually create a folder for synchronization and choose to add a photo, I see 7000 photos and this once again indicates that they are stored locally and in the cloud only from a copy. I wonder why it was impossible to do everything automatically, like Nextcloud or owncloud.
  3. How can I select others folders? I haven’t options in resilio sync app btw Nextcloud syncing all folders correctly but sync speed is so bad, 8,000 photos uploaded for almost 11 hours I was hoping this application will solve my backup problem on my pc
  4. But how can this be ?, because the photos are also saved locally and occupy almost the entire amount of memory in my phone (based on the screenshot)
  5. Good day. Today I’ve been installed resilio into my deb server. When i tried to sync my whole iPhone gallery with photos, I noticed that syncing only 865 photos from almost 6 thousands. When I connected iPhone to pc I saw that iPhone has many directories in photo gallery with photos and resilio syncs only first one called 100Apple, other directories called 101Cloud, 102cloud and so on. iCloud photos is enabled on my phone. Is this possible to sync whole my photo library?