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  1. I wouldn't think it would be a permissions issue, the folders it's monitoring is just in the Home folder of the user, in the movies section. How do you check the logs for any errors? Do you mean the activity section? I am running it on a MacBook Pro 2011 and the other is a Mac mini 2008. A bit dated, yes I know but everything else works flawlessly when transferring files over (dropbox,, etc. -- I know these run on different technologies but still). I am running Mojave on the MBP and the Mac mini is on Sierra. There are only a couple dozen files, and in one folder. The ram of the
  2. I've done this, about four times. Each time it works for the current session but when I come back the next day to transfer/sync something else, it starts freezing up again. It's just so sporadic it seems.
  3. I've noticed that when I add new files or folders, it notices on the host computer's Sync program that there was a change and it indexes, but on the receiving computer's Sync program it doesn't mirror the changes. Or it will start syncing right away but then it will pause. Right now for example it is sitting at 6% synced. Neither computer's hard drive is full, and I have quit and restarted both programs and both computers. Nothing seems to force a re-index or a re-scan or a re-sync or whatever needs to happen. This is very frustrating and I have it happen almost every single time I try to tran
  4. I've had this exact same thing. I was infuriatingly trying to figure out what was eating up so much space on my computer. I then noticed that tick box, (which IS on by default... annoying) and found the hidden archive folder, then deleted it. Instantly I got back tens of gigabytes of storage. So frustrating. This definitely should be an opt-in feature not a default-on feature.
  5. I’ve been using Resillio sync for a while now and I do love it! but I’ve been getting some annoying issues that keep happening. I’ve noticed that when I’m done transferring a file over to my remote computer, and I then delete that file out of the synced folder, the “allocated space” still is being used it seems like. Both systems are running MacOS. I open the folder and don’t see the file anymore, so I assume that it deletes, but I notice my hard drive is still at the same capacity. When I right-click and choose get info for that synced folder, I notice that even though the folder appears to b