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  1. Syncthing is not an option for me and my family. Here some Reasons. -No Autostart Fuction in Syncthing without stupid scripts and workarounds. -No integrated GUI. Only webGUI. The GUI version is not Syncthing maintained and updated. Last update 2 years ago. -You cannot install as a Service in the background. Only with third party tools. -The NAS versions are not maintained by Syncthing itself. If nobofy maintain the App for NAS systems it getting old and outdated. Before the new updated they was 4 years abadoned (Asustor NAS). Asustor Syncthing App. And now it maintained again by third party user. The comfort fuctions are horrible in syncthing. The update cycle for NAS is for the ******. And lack of basic comfort fuctions.
  2. So thats what i know at the Moment. 1. You need the PRO Version to schedule the jobs https://www.resilio.com/individuals/#plans 2. Sorry, no https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205458165-Ignoring-files-in-Sync-Ignore-List- 3. Sorry, no https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/207491426-Setting-Delay-Time-For-Syncing Maybe that will help you.
  3. @HelenI have the following situation At the Moment iam using a Raspberry PI4 for Syncing my Devices. I have some Question about the encryption Situation 1: On my PI4 and my Home-PC i had disabled Lan_Encryption because it sync faster. The PI4 arm-CPU is at 100% Load while syncing. Thats the reason why i deactivated it. So it is clear the data are synced unencrypted in my LAN. Nothing new here. Situation 2: My PI4 again and another Computer with enabled Lan_Encryption. Now my Question. Is this connection encrypted or not encrypted? One device has the encryption enabled the other disabled.
  4. On a new installation Resilio Using standard port 8888 for the web GUI. Example: https://your-NAS-ip-here:8888 If you try access first time the web GUI you will HAVE TO use this port number, because you can only change it within the GUI. Thats the first mistake i made. And you have to configure your NAS firewall or whatever it has, because Resilio do not set the firewall configuration automatically. Maybe the firewall is blocking the access Thats all what i can say to an access problem.
  5. Maybe after the update reset Resilio to the Standard port? Standard port is 8888. Certifaction Issue?
  6. Not future-proof, but thank you. Resilio is a big company with big business users. They have no need for small customers. What I criticize is this: They make you dependent first and then pull the noose. To say Server is Business is totally wrong. In Europe it is allowed to buy second hand Server-Licenses. The Standard Windows Server 2019 OS cost only between 400€ - 1000€. Buy a little TowerServer with a small 16 core CPU is enough for home use. All for 2000-2500€ and that is not much compared a new business Server cost 10k+ and more. They have the right to do this what they do. But to say Server OS is Business is not the truth. That reason make me angry. My opinion.
  7. Thank you for contacting us! This offer is for already existing Pro users - those who had purchased the license before the release of 2.7.0. To run Sync on a Windows Server you need Business license with server support, which is enabled starting with 20 seats. Business license is quite costly though https://www.resilio.com/buy/sync-business/?seats=20&term=yr You can stick with older Sync 2.6.4, but please note that it won't be receiving new fixes and features, download here https://forum.resilio.com/topic/71647-latest-desktop-build-264 Please let us know if any other assistance is required. Best regards, Resilio Support Team Only for existing Users. So not for me or others who buy the pro license after the 2.7 release. So i will migrate to another Sync software, becaus now Resilio is useless for the future for me.
  8. I contacted The Support. Everything is fine. 👍 I will post the answer here if that's okay?
  9. Will do that to clarify that, because after my apprenticeship i want to install a small home server. For now i have no money to do this. If they answer it is not possible in one year to get a private server license i will look for other sync software.
  10. Only one Question to this Quote. Does this mean that a customer who wants to run a private server after version 2.7 has no prospect of a license for private use? Or did I misunderstand that?
  11. I see that too. Those who have already used it illegally will continue to do so without scruple. The only thing what you do. Let me describe what you do with the following words. You guys shot 10.000 innocent people a bullet in their head only to find that one who is guilty.