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  1. Files are the amount of files in the entire share, Local Files are files that are downloaded to that specific peer They can be out of sync if you are either doing Selective Sync and only have some files or folders downloaded on a specific peer, or, if you have any files that are marked as 'Cant Download'
  2. Same here. LA - 400down/20up NYC 1gig/1gig LA Only seems to download 1-2Mbps /10-20 MBps from NYC Tried over public internet and a VPN. Same deal
  3. The same happens to me randomly with mp4 files I've also had adobe premiere project files over-written with older versions of those projects I think something is odd with modifcation times and overwriting files. All clients are MacOS, running 2.7.2
  4. @Helen any idea why my Sync Business license seems to un-license itself back to a (fully functioning) trial mode everytime I restart on MacOS?
  5. I updated one MacOS client to 2.7, the rest of the peers are all still 2.6.3 (actually 2.6.10) Every time I open Resilio, it says 0-Days left on the license, and toggles all my selective sync folders to full sync. If I remove license and re-add it, it works fine until I restart Resilio then it goes back to 0 Days Left