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  1. It is definitely a bug, confirmed by Resilio support team. The bug is independent on Windows version or build, it is there not only for Windows 10 various builds, but also for Windows Server installations. See my recent posted feedback from support team above.
  2. I have contacted Resilio support for solving this issue. The solution is quite simple but not obvious. See Daria's feedback in this threat, she is with Resilio support center.
  3. I face the same issue on Windows Server 2016. Installation as a service is running well with V2.6.3. But with V2.7.1 none of the credentials work at the installation process, neither any of the user accounts nor the "local system" and "local service" accounts. The installation always fails saying either username or password are invalid. No chance to jump over this point. No chance to get this update installed as a service. Seems to be an incorporated issue of the current install file V. It is independent on the Windows version obviously. Resilio moderators, can you please comment?