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  1. Okay, I spoke a bit too soon. I think I've just found a solution. After taking the above steps, then based on this StackOverflow post, I was able to use the program ShExView to disable all Resilo Sync and BT Sync related shell extensions. After a restart, I was able to delete the files and the shell extensions seem to have successfully being blocked from starting up and writing more logs. I would seriously suggest a sticky thread on this topic that summarises the solutions, so people like me don't need to spend hours on their day off trawling through 5 different forum thr
  2. I still have this appalling bug with BitTorrent Sync / Resilo Sync writing un-deleteable GB-size ShellExtIO.log files to my HD, with constant kbps disk usage, even months after uninstall. There are several threads on this topic: I have two ShellExtIO.log logs being written, in C:\Users\<my user>\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync C:\Users\<my use