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  1. I'm finding a lot of things aren't automatically syncing on my Android phone until the folders are rescanned. That's not a problem because I have it set to rescan every 5 minutes, and I can force a rescan if I need it to happen more quickly, but it's a bit tedious having to go into the Info menu for the folder, then the Preferences to get to the Force Rescan option. I'd love it if there was either a button to do it next to the info buttons on the folder list or, better yet, a button to rescan all folders on the notification area, next to the sleep/sync button. Edit: I just got a
  2. Hi. Is there an up-to-date guide to installing Resilio Sync on Raspbian? All the guides I've come across seem to be out of date. Installing via apt-get doesn't work, and when installing via the .deb package download, it never starts automatically. I can only start it using the rslsync command using sudo, which means all the files it writes are owned by root, which is not what I want. And if I start it using the systemctl command, it makes its own user account and can only access directories owned by that user. I just want it to work from my main user account, so I can access the file