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  1. @luomat you are 100% correct. Sorry I couldn't figure out how to describe accurately what I was attempting to do. But you gave me the exact info I was looking for. The hard drive is full of large video files. I just am hoping for it not to take all of my available bandwidth for the next 2 years to complete the first sync. This was very helpful. I hope to try to start the first sync today. Thanks, D.J.
  2. Good Day, I am pretty new to Sync. I am attempting to use Resilio Sync as an offsite backup of a very large folder 7.2T. But what I have is that data on my studio hard drive array, and I have an external hard drive which currently has all of the same media. Is it possible to set up Resilio sync to a folder than directly copy that data into that folder then sync, rather than wait for 7.2T to transfer in to that folder? Basically use the data that matches as a starting point? Thanks, D.J.