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  1. Iʻve been having constant issues when working with files that are being used by Adobe Creative Cloud apps (specifically Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects), and when I save a modified file in any of those apps, it will warn me that the file was modified outside of the application. It does not appear that the actual data in the working files have actually been modified, though. Quitting Resilio Sync makes these errors go away. Iʻm running Resilio Sync 2.7.2 on macOS 10.14.6. My sync setup is very simple: Iʻm just syncing my local folder to folders on my NAS at work (SMB mounted shares) for backup. Nobody is opening or touching the files on the remote system. The local drive Iʻm working off of is an APFS formatted external SSD (2.0 TB Samsung T7, to be specific)
  2. I'm confused about the behavior of Selective Sync when deleting files on the local system. I have Resilio Sync installed on a server at work, which is the instance I used to share project files from my work NAS to my Resilio Sync instance at home. On my home instance, I sometimes add shared folders in Selective Sync mode, due to their large size on the NAS. When I delete files or folders on my home instance, the deleted object changes to a .rsls/.rslsc placeholder file on my local drive. However, the deletion does NOT get synced back to my work server. I have to actually physically delete the placeholder file on my home instance, in order for the file/folder on my work instance to actually delete on the other end. This is not particularly intuitive, and is in fact possibly dangerous, because when this happens, the local and remote instances are technically now out of sync. If I delete a Photoshop file on my local instance, that deletion should propagate to ALL other Resilio sync instances, and disappear completely, so that people on those instances don't inadvertently try to work with a file that is supposed to have been deleted everywhere. Am I missing something with the logic in the way RS handles these deletions when using Selective Sync?