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  1. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having a similar issue. Can't choose SD card for anything. Tried the debug commands, no luck. Also filled out the "submit a request" form with screenshots and videos, no reply for 3 weeks now. When I try to grant permissions to the SD card, the box never pops up to choose the root of the sd card.
  2. Having a problem, wonder if anybody has had something similar. I have a microSD card in my android head unit in my car with music on it. I'm running resilio sync ....my thoughts were that it would be nice if resilio sync would just sync my music from my computer whenever it's connected to the internet. I do this same thing on multiple other android devices. Anyway, for some reason resilio sync cannot get access to the SD card. Usually, you have to "grant" access to the SD card, which is part of the process in the app, but it never pops up the screen to choose the root of the sd card. So the ap