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  1. Already turned off archive, still same..
  2. Still a problem, I do the same, IE, rename etc..
  3. No one has any idea how to fix this? How about some support from Resilio??
  4. Add more data:- Currently this folder at fault has 5055 files in Local and 5065 in Total. So, it thinks 10 files have not synced when they actually are on the phone, so the sync works, just Resilio reports it incorrectly.
  5. Yes, I have now set up 2 logins with different email addresses with the same result, so now I login through Google, it is the only one that works.
  6. Android 9 on an Oppo A9 2020. Resilio version 2.6.4 (8773). Lots of folders sync correctly. All network etc good. Also use an Android tablet that syncs correctly the same folder that is at fault on the phone.
  7. I sync from a Windows 10 PC, an Android Phone and a NAS. All good except on my Android Phone I regularly get the message "Can't Download File" (99%). When I check the phoneit shows Local xx and Total xx and the total is always more than the local, sometimes only one different and sometimes maybe 10 different, meaning there are some file that have not synced to my phone. When I look deeply, the "missing" files on the phone are actually there. What is going on?
  8. How come I am always a "Guest"? Signed up months ago.